Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Release? Myo means muscle, fascia is our connective tissue, which supports and connects all of the structures in our bodies, and release refers to the removal of fascial restrictions. Fascial restrictions are caused by trauma, surgeries, repetitive movement patterns, and inflammatory responses. They are often experienced as areas of pain, “stuckness,” tightness, or weakness. These restrictions put pressure on pain sensitive structures and keep us from being in our best alignment, posture, and functioning at our highest level. MFR is a safe, gentle, and effective form of bodywork that releases myofascial restrictions and returns us to optimal function. 

Is MFR like massage? It is similar in some ways, in that it utilizes soft tissue mobilization, but it is different because most of the work involves the therapist applying slow, sustained pressure to the area of restriction, then waiting several minutes for it to release. This creates lasting structural change. MFR is done on bare skin without creams, oils, or anything that would cause sliding and the client usually wears a bathing suit, underwear, or loose clothing that is easy to work around.