Current Professional Activity
Myofasical Release Practitioner, Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer New York, NY
• private clients and workshops
Deep Down Dancing- dance classes for women Workshops in multiple locations              

Past Professional Activity               
Vermont AMTA assistant teacher to Dr. George Russell Lake Morey, VT
Pilates Instructor at Physiologic- private sessions and group classes         New York, NY
Pilates Instructor at Kinespirit- private sessions and group classes            New York, NY
Pilates Instructor at Pilates Way- private sessions                                       New York, NY
Professional Dancer                                                                                      New York, NY

2018 Health Coach Certification, Health Coach Institute
2017 ACE Personal Training Certification
2014 Stott Pilates Certification (Mat and Full Apparatus)
2012 University of Oregon, B.A. in Dance, Cum Laude from the Clark Honors College,

Academic Honors and Awards
2012 Senior Thesis- Received Highest Distinction and Creative Thesis Award
2011, 2009 Summer Study Assistance (U O Dance Department)
2010 Lotta Carl Scholarship
2008-2012 Clark Honors College Scholarship

Continuing Education
TRX Level 1- 2018
Susane Pata
8 hour

Kettlebell Level 1 Instructor- 2018
Kettlebell Concepts
16 hours

Set Up the Spine-2017
Jean-Claude West
4 hours

Advanced Flexibility-2017
James Nicholson
8 hours

Myofascial Release I, II, and Unwinding-2017
John Barnes, PT
60 hours

Athletic Conditioning on the Cardio-Tramp, Reformer and Cardio-Tramp Barre Workout, and Mini Foam Roller Flow-2017
Anneliese Wilson Burns
6 hours

Fascial Pelvis-2017
Joan Miller, PT
20 hours

Qi Gong- Transitioning into Spring- 2017
Daria Fain
5 hours

Supervision Group for Bodyworkers- 2015-2018
Dr. George Russell, D.C.

Myofascial Release I- 2016
John Barnes, PT
20 hours

Qi Gong- Transitioning into Winter- 2016
Daria Fain
10 hours

Stott Pilates Advanced Mat Work-2016
Anneliese Wilson
6 hours

The Foot and Ankle- 2016
Dr. George Russell, D.C.
12 hours

WIBO: Workshop in Business Opportunities- 2016
16 Week Course

Maximizing Business Potential- 2016
James Nicholson
8 hours

Touching Therapeutically: An Osteopathic Approach to Touch and Listening- 2016
Deidre Finn and Emile Van Der Hilst
16 hours

Functional Awareness- 2016
Allegra and Nancy Romita
10 hours

Kundalini Yoga- 2016
Hana Lee Erdman
6 hours

Mapping the Human Terrain (Alexander Technique/Body Mapping)- 2015
Robin Gilmore                            
25 hours

Stott Pilates Injuries and Special Populations Course- 2015
Anneliese Burns Wilson
16 hours

Feldenkrais Technique and Improvised Movement- 2015
Miguel Gutierrez
10 hours

Body Mind Centering- 2014
RoseAnne Spradlin
10 hours

Kinesthetic Anatomy and Biomechanics of Motion: The Spine and Trunk- 2014
Irene Dowd
27 hours

Somatics and Movement- 2014
K.J. Holmes
12 hours

Authentic Movement- 2013
David Hurwith
4 hours

Continuum (Lane Community College)- 2011
Bonnie Simoa
30 hours