Julie Goldberg

Julie's Pilates Head Shot-2.png

Julie is a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Bodyworker. She is a lifelong student of movement and the human body and loves to share what she learns with her clients. Julie enjoys working with a wide range of people, including new exercisers, older adults, those healing injuries and dealing with chronic conditions, as well as those looking to enhance athletic performance.

Julie is a Myofascial Release practitioner and has studied extensively with Dr. George Russell, D.C. as well as with Dr. John Barnes. By releasing unnecessary tension and restrictions in the body, we can come back into alignment, both with our physical structure and with ourselves. Releasing fascial restrictions is a transformative process that leads to real healing. 

Julie is certified in the Stott Pilates method, which is both challenging and subtle. This method helps the client increase their body awareness, align their skeletal structure, increase core strength, and get their joints and spine functioning optimally.

Personal training continues with these principles, but with a focus on building strength and endurance. Combining Pilates and training with her studies of yoga, qi gong, ballet, modern dance, and somatics allows Julie to offer unique and personalized movement sessions to each client. 

Julie has found, both personally and through working with her clients, that exercise and bodywork are equally important and maintaining optimal health includes both. To make an appointment or to schedule a free phone consultation, click the button below.