What is stopping you from exercising regularly or performing at a higher level? Are you struggling to find the time, motivation, and energy to commit to a regular exercise practice? Are you dealing with pain, injuries, or other health issues* that get in your way? Maybe exercise just isn't fun for you, or you feel turned off by gyms and group fitness classes. Maybe you already work out, do yoga, dance, or another discipline but feel "stuck," unable to get to the next level. 

Regardless of what may be in your way, one on one Pilates, Personal Training, and Myofascial Release sessions will be invaluable for helping you move forward, whether towards pain free movement, a healthier life, or performance goals. Everyone can benefit from individual attention and having a trainer/practitioner will help you create the time, accountability, and motivation, along with providing the expertise you need to get the results you want. In Pilates or Training sessions, we will figure out which exercises will best serve you and make sure you're doing them correctly and safely. In Myofascial release sessions we will identify restrictions or "stuck places" that are blocking freedom of movement and causing pain and release them. 

Exercise should feel good, movement should be easeful and pain free, and everyone deserves to feel confident and healthy in their bodies. My Pilates, Personal Training, and Myofascial Release sessions are personalized, positive, and tailored to each client I work with. I help my clients achieve better posture, have more energy, decrease unnecessary tension, and learn how to exercise safely.

Everyone is different and everyone has habits, most of which are unconscious. To be strong, resilient, and healthy we need to change the habits that are no longer serving us. An outside eye is invaluable in discerning your patterns, helping you retrain your nervous system and achieving an optimal level of function. We will work together to increase range of motion, strength, and flexibility, finding movement that is easeful and efficient, and letting go of excess tension. 

You deserve to feel strong, confident, and easeful as you move through your life.